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Hungary Tour,  27-29 April 2003

In the beginning of this year Mark Verstraaten and I planned a tour to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Despite lots of letters to the authorities I only managed to arrange base visits in Hungary.


On the 27th of April I picked up Mark around 4.30h in the morning, and headed towards Germany. The first stop was made at the Technik Museum at Speyer. Later on we visited the airbases Linz-Hörsching and Tülln in Austria, unfortunately no operational aircraft were noted. Around 7.30h in the evening we arrived at the Hungarian border.


We planned to stay at the Platan Hotel in Pápa, but when we arrived in Pápa we discovered that the hotel didn't exist anymore. We had an appointment with two Hungarian aviation enthusiasts, who we became good friends with during our visit. After we met Endre and Dávid they arranged a place to stay for us. After a long and very tired day in which I drove 1400 kms we finally fell a sleep around midnight.                          (Click here for a full log of the tour)




28 April 2003


Múzeum Szolnok

28 April 2003




29 April 2003





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