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Air Show Türkiye, Izmir-Çigli,  3-6 June 2011

Ten year ago a large International Air Show was held at Izmir-Çigli to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Turkish Air Force. Despite it was only for an small audience it was a great success. For years we al have been looking forward to celebrate the Centennial of the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri.

Halfway the year 2010 it became clear that the Turkish Air Force was planning to organize a very big event at Izmir-Çigli again to celebrate the 100th Anniversary. The first list of participants and invitations was very promising but seemed a bit unlikely. But in the end they succeeded to gather a very nice variety of aircraft and helicopters from lots of different countries. Which resulted in a very big audience of about 250.000 people during the weekend.

For the first time the Turkish Air Force also organized two days especially for approximately 1500 aviation photographers and spotters during the arrivals and departures. Below you'll find six links to photo pages with shots and stories of this wonderful weekend in Turkey.     (Click here for a full log)



 Arrivals & Rehearsals

3 June 2011


Air Show Türkiye

4 June 2011



Air Show Türkiye

5 June 2011





6 June 2011



Static Display

3+6 June 2011



Izmir-Adnan Menderes + W&R

3-6 June 2011




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