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Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2012

In the year 2012 Eindhoven Airbase saw some nice visitors. Besides the regular visitors like the transports of the Belgian Air Component, the E-3s of Geilenkirchen and C-17s of Papa Airbase, we saw a nice highlight on March 2nd when a Ce-550 of the Spanish Armada visited Eindhoven Airbase.


We also saw a lot of traffic for the European Air Transport Command (EATC) which is stationed at Eindhoven. All three French Air Force Airbus 310s visited Eindhoven, mostly in poor weather conditions. Another nice highlight was the visit of the Bolivian President which resulted in the visit of a Bolivian Air Force Falcon 900 on June 12th.


November 22th was a very special day at Eindhoven as all four RNLAF C-130's were updated with the glass cockpit and they all took part in a formation photo flight. During this day Eindhoven was also visited by a Slovak Tu-154 and a Hellenic C-130H. This Hercules was my last Hellenic Air Force C-130, which made this a very memorable day for me.





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