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Nemzetközi Repülőnap Kecskemét,  3 August 2013

The first International Airshow at Kecskemét Air Base was held in 1990. This year the airshow was organized here for the ninth time. After visiting the airshow in 2007 and 2008 we decided to visit Kecskemét again as many highlights were expected, like the Bulgarian Su-25 and the Russian Knights.


Just like the other years we subscribed for the press area's which gives you some extra opportunities. In the past some grandstands were place along the display line, near display centre. This year we had some grandstands at the beginning of the runways, which was not always ideal. The food and drink supply in one of the hangars was very well arranged.


The weather during the weekend was extremely warm, with temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius. The organization did a very good job by distributing unlimited water for both press, spotters and other spectators. They even installed some cold water showers at the public area to give you a brief cool moment. Overall, a big thumbs up for the organization!   (Click for a log)



     Hungarian Air Force


Foreign Air Forces


Russian Knights


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