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Austrian Typhoons training at Wittmund,  11 May 2017

In May 2017 a total of seven EF2000s of the Austrian Air Force visited Wittmund for a live firing exercise. Until 2005 the Austrians used the old J-35Ö Drakens for their air defence. Since 2009 this task was taken over by the Typhoons. A total of fifteen Typhoons were delivered to the Austrian Air Force, all belonging to the Überwachunggeschwader based at Zeltweg AB.


Since 2014 the Canadian company Discovery Air Defence Services is located at Wittmund AB to fulfill a five-year contract with the German Air Force to provide fast jet training service. A total of seven former Israeli AF A-4N Skyhawks are stationed at Wittmund both used as aggressor and as target tow aircraft.


To train their QRA task the Austrians held a live firing exercise on moving targets in which the Discovery A-4 Skyhawks were used as target tow aircraft. For two weeks the Austrians planned to train twice a day. During our visit unfortunately only one mission was flown. As the exercise goals were reached ahead of scheduele the Austrians left a few days earlier, on May 15th.



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