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Tactical Weapon Meet Florennes,  15 June 2017

For the first time since the Tactical Leadership Program relocated to Albacete the 2nd Wing at Florennes hosted a big international exercise. The Tactical Weapon Meet, an exercise in which NATO air and ground crews, train together and share their experiences in using tactical weapons. A nice variety of participants gathered for two weeks to fly all kind of missions twice a day.


During the last flying day of the exercise a big spottersday was organized. This gave us a very good opportunity to take shots of the participating aircraft during taxi, take off and landing. We saw Typhoons from Spain and Italy, Hawks of the Royal Air Force and MiG-29s of the Polish Air Force. The real highlights were the Hellenic Air Force F-4E (AUP) Phantoms.


As the exercise came to an end a party was planned later this day which resulted in some nice visitors as well, including the nicely painted anniversary Mirage 2000 from Luxeuil AB. Many participants performed spectacular low passes for the spotters prior landing. The result, great photo opportunities!



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