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Royal Intern. Air Tattoo RAF Fairford,  15 July 2017

The main theme of this years RIAT at RAF Fairford was the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force. This resulted in a nice participationlist full of USAF aircraft, with the USAF display team Thunderbirds as eyecatchers.


When we arrived we first walk along the static display which saw some nice highlights, like the Australian E-7A Wedgetail, Japanese KC-767A, Canadian CH-147F Chinook and C-130s from Israel, Pakistan and Qatar. We also saw the debute of five new types of the RAF, including the new Juno HT.1 and Jupiter HT.1 helicopters.


The weather was terrible in the morning, so the Finnish Midnight Hawk had to abort their display. The Spanish Hornet, Belgian F-16 and RAF Typhoon didn't even give it a try and cancelled their display before getting airborne. The biggest disappointment was the unexpected cancellation of the F-22A Raptor display. The USAF Thunderbirds, gave it a try and performed a dull low show. The real highlight of this years Air Tattoo was the Apache Display Team of the Army Air Corps, which ended its diplay with a huge wall of fire.



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