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Radom-Sadkow - Inside the fence,  26 August 2017

In the morning nothing special was schedueled on the flying program so, we didn't miss much when we arrived near the airbase around noon. A small traffic jam and problems to park the car took a little too much time, so we missed the flight past of all the Polish helicopters, fighters and transports. We did see them all from a distance, but not good enough to take photos of it. We also missed the display of the Romanian MiG-21 and the Polish MiG-29.


After we picked up our press cards at the base headquarters, we entered the show ground and walked to the end of the static. We were still facing the sun, so we wanted to photograph the static aircraft first. But when the USAF B-52H did two passes over the airbase, we made an exception of course. Thanks to our press cards we were able to take some nice static shots as we were able to hop over the fence to take the best shot.


Around four  o'clock in the afternoon the position of the sun was getting better, so we found ourselves a spot in the most western part of the airbase to take photos of the flying display.

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