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Radom-Sadkow - Outside the fence,  27 August 2017

The best spot to see the airshow is actually outside the fence,south of the airbase. We remembered this spot from our visit four years ago, so we went there in the early morning. The road towards the spot closes in the morning, so you have to be there on time. The flying display started around ten o'clock, but only some civil stuff and war birds were planned.


Around noon the show finally became more interesting with the flight past in which more than 60 aircraft and helicopters of the Polish Armed Forces participated. Unfortunately we had some bad luck, as the sun went behind the clouds seconds before the first formation came by. The flight past was follow by various interesting solo displays, including the Polish MiG-29 and Romanian MiG-21.


Later that afternoon suddenly a heavy thunderstorm came overhead, which resulted in about an hour delay in the display program. After that the weather cleared and we were able to take some incredible shots of the Ukrainian Su-27 Flanker, the real star of the show.

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